New Arrivals

New Arrivals


    The New Arrivals collection from Waihana represents the latest additions to our diverse product line, offering fresh and innovative designs for our customers. Committed to sustainability and high-performance, Waihana's new arrivals continue to push boundaries, reflecting the brand's ethos of creating durable, eco-friendly gear designed for the ocean's demands.

    This collection might feature a range of products, from wetsuits for men, women, and children, to accessories like gloves and socks. Each product is crafted with precision, incorporating the brand's signature Yamamoto and Jako eco-friendly neoprene and unique, ocean-inspired patterns.

    Check out Waihana's New Arrivals collection to explore the newest trends in ocean gear and apparel, and stay ahead of the curve with the latest innovations. Please note that the specific items and designs in the collection may vary as new products are regularly added.

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