Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit
Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit

Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit

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Experience the thrill of spearfishing and freediving with the Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit, meticulously crafted to be Hawaii's premier marine adventure attire. Our commitment to superior quality and thoughtful design is reflected in every stitch and feature of this high-performance wetsuit.

Constructed with premium eco-friendly Performance Neoprene available in 1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm, or 7.5mm thickness, the Goliath Grouper Wetsuit ensures superior comfort and flexibility. The Ultra-Stretch Poly Lycra Laminate with dye camouflage merges function with style while the 24K Gold Titanium Dioxide Internal Coating simplifies the process of slipping into the suit.

The hooded jacket is designed with preformed arms for an impeccable fit and comfort. It features a 7mm chest loading pad on the exterior for extra protection. The glue-reinforced stitching on the elbows, chest pad, and whistle pocket enhances durability. An integrated distress whistle in a pocket on the shoulder provides added safety, and protective screens on the chest pad, elbows, and seat area offer extra resilience. Smoothskin seals around the face and wrists minimize water intrusion, and the double closure clips on the beavertail ensure a secure fit.

The Goliath Grouper trousers are equally impressive with a 4" Superskin seal around the waist and Smoothskin seals around the ankles for a snug fit. The trousers also feature a protective screen on the knees for added durability.

Named after the majestic Goliath Grouper, a large saltwater fish found primarily in shallow tropical waters, this wetsuit embodies the adventurous spirit of the marine world. When you wear the WAIHANA Goliath Grouper Wetsuit, you're not just wearing a wetsuit, you're wearing a commitment to quality, comfort, and safety. Dive in with WAIHANA.  Born from Water.



  • 1.5mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm, or 7.5mm eco-friendly Performance Neoprene
  • Dye camouflage on Ultra-Stretch Poly Lycra Laminate
  • 24K Gold Titanium Dioxide Internal Coating

 Goliath Grouper Jacket Details

  • Hooded jacket
  • 7mm chest loading pad on exterior of suit
  • Preformed arms for ultimate fit/comfort
  • Glue-reinforced stitching on elbows, chestpad, and whistle pocket
  • Emergency Whistle with integrated pocket
  • Protective screens on chestpad, elbows and seat area
  • Double closure clips on beavertail
  • Smoothskin seals around face and wrists

 Goliath Grouper Trouser Details

  • 4" or 10cm Superskin seal around the waist
  • Smoothskin seals around ankles
  • Protective screen on knees

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
stewart Mcroberts
Customer for life.

Mahalo Waihana for the fast delivery and the highest quality suit I've ever owned.
Couple months ago a fire ravaged my home town taking everything I've ever known and owned. The first couple things I bought were fishing and diving gear because I had to try to find a happy place again.
You guys at waihana are a part of that puzzle and I Mahalo you guys for it. Thank you for thinking of us and the discount for lahaina people.


Men's Goliath Grouper Wetsuit

Shanti Holland
Reliable wetsuit

Waihana makes solid 3.5 wetsuits. High quality material that keeps you warm and lasts a long time.

Gregory Horch
San Juan Island, WA Diving

I’ve been diving in the San Juan islands for the past five years. I’ve fussed with drysuits, thinking with our average temps being pretty chilly, that drysuits we’re a no brainer. I bought a 7.5 mm about a month ago and I wish I bought one 5 years ago! I dive commercial and recreational. This suit is incredibly maneuverable. I can certify that this suit is very comfortable in the chilly waters of the San Juan islands! Zero complaints. I am now, a lifelong customer!

Jason Reiser
7.5 mm Goliath

I took this suit to Washington and dove for 4 hours in 52 degrees F water. I don’t have any complaints! It kept me warm while I was Spearfishing. I plan to use it in Alaska and in the winter months in California.

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